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Our Vision

Around the world, blockchain technology is being adopted at a rapid pace. Our decentralized infrastructure network is built to create a future where real world value moves freely and seamlessly. This gives individuals, businesses, investors, and teams immediate access to funds and tokens; providing immediate financial control and fostering a more inclusive and accessible financial environment.

Our vision is a future where financial transactions are seamless, inclusive, and empowering for all.

As well as changing the world of finance, we are building some cool stuff!

At the core, our mission is to deliver transformative blockchain-based consumer applications that significantly impact and improve people's lives.

Active Divisions

Payroll and dApp

Leverages muli-chain infrastructure to offer streamlined and efficient payment solutions. With nearly 600 partners and paying clients, along with 355,000 unique users, our network has proven to be a robust operational platform for financial applications and the transfer of real-world assets (RWA) through blockchain and smart contract-based digital mechanisms.

Payroll Growth PartnersPaybridgeSchool Payroll Services

Investment arm of Zebec invests in leading payroll companies across diverse industries and verticals and introduces new-cutting edge innovation and financial tools to the workforce of over 250 enterprise-level client companies in its portfolio.

Over the past year, PGP’s acquisition of PayBridge and School Payroll Services (SPS) have expanded Zebec’s payroll segment and its integration with traditional payroll systems in the United States.

PayBridge, a leader in payroll and HCM solutions, processes over $300M in payroll volume annually, underscoring the significant scale of this integration.

Addition of School Payroll Services into PGP portfolio  paved the way to creating a premier payroll service for educators and administrators across more than a hundred schools nationwide.


The first compliant traditional payroll app with an advanced blockchain backend, WageLink introduces web3 features like near-zero cost cross-border remittances and USDC payroll. WageLink leverages the efficiency, security, and speed of blockchain technology, it integrates with various payment infrastructure networks and forms a part of Zebec’s extensive financial network ecosystem.

The Zebec Instant Card

Just 100 days post-launch, our no-fee, multi-chain prepaid crypto card, has achieved global acceptance and steady growth. Now serving thousands of clients, with transactions poised to reach millions in purchases worldwide. This card facilitates a seamless transition between fiat and crypto economies, allowing users to spend cryptocurrency on everyday purchases wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Payroll Growth Partners

High-performance, modular blockchain is designed to support global payment flows, DePIN infrastructure and accommodate projects and decentralized applications (dApps) 


Emida is Zebec’s payment pilot program that handles $500M of cross-border payments between the US and Mexico. Building off of Emida’s immediate success, we plan to expand to Thailand and Nepal where the market value opportunity is $50B. Zebec multisig is also being tested by few international transport companies as a payments tool for the escrow where international commerce can happen without a Bank as escrow partner. We expect this part of the company to grow gradually.


Our core team has over 50 years combined experience in business and technology. With vast experience in both web3 and web2 realms and distributed across the world, the team blends varied cultural and perspectives and global worldview to work in sync to advance our mission. We are also guided by distinguished leaders and experts across various industries, each bringing unique expertise and insights.

Leadership Team








Head of Web3 Product Development


Head of M&A

JJ Ortiz

Head of Ecosystem


Lily Liu

President, Solana Foundation

Joe McCann

Founder, Asymmetric Capital

Aniruddha Dasgupta

Fintech Product Advisor

Lisa Robbins

Former CFO, ADP

Joe Eagan

Former President,
Polychain Capital

George Stoeckert

Former President, ADP

Tony Chiviles

CEO, PayBridge

Tom Lutz

SVP, Synergi Partners


JP Morgan
Bank Of America
School Payroll Services

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