Treasury Management with Safes

Zebec provides individuals, investors and web3 businesses with comprehensive and secure financial infrastructure, all accessible through the Zebec App.

Security measures

Funds are stored in a highly secure, multi-signature wallet

Accessing your wallet requires multiple signatures, or keys, spread across multiple machines. Unlike the single signature or chip-and-pin code required to access a traditional bank account, these additional layers of security make it substantially more difficult for access to a wallet to be compromised. Multi-signature security means your wallet operates less like a traditional bank account and more like a bank vault which requires multiple key holders—and multiple keys—to achieve access.

The relationship between two parties is underpinned by smart contracts

Automated smart contracts simplify the relationship between the two parties (such as employer and employees), removing the middlemen without compromising credibility and authenticity.

Keeping your funds secure

Zebec is audited by leading blockchain security services (CertiK, Trail of Bits and Bramah Systems), we are fully compliant in the US, and as we grow we will remain in cooperation with international regulators to ensure we are hosting the world’s safest, and most compliant streaming finance service. At Zebec, we have a team dedicated 24/7 to ensuring your protection, flagging any suspicious activity, and keeping you and your funds safe and secure. If you have questions about security, get in touch.

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