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Real Time Payroll - Get Paid By Second

Through our continuous payment technology, we are changing the way you get paid, send and receive money.

Removing the headache around payrun

Pause, cancel or adjust the stream at any time

Fewer holdups, fewer errors

Without surcharges or additional fees, saving money and time

Encrypted and distributed

Dramatically lowering risk of payroll fraud

Send to a wallet of your choice

Such as Phantom, Metamask and Ledger

Off ramped to your bank account

USDC is 100% backed by cash and short-dated U.S. treasuries

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WageLink Payroll App - Transforms Payroll

First modern compliant payroll app with an advanced blockchain backend.

WageLink introduces web3 features like near-zero cost cross-border remittances and USDC payroll. And offers advanced payroll tools such as early pay access, budgeting, bill payments, and pay cards - all within a single, unified application.

Get Paid Sooner

Draw a portion of your paycheck before payday

Draw Pay in USDC

Choose how you get paid

Send Money Abroad

Directly from the App at near-zero cost

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