$ZBCN is the governance and utility token of the Zebec Network

Since the launch in 2022 of its original version, $ZBC, Zebec and its entire ecosystem has undergone significant evolution resulting in its token [mitigating] into its today’s version $ZBCN

$ZBCN purpose, uses, and tokenomics reflect industry’s best practices and align with Zebec’s Network business model and its growth. Read more about $ZBCN Tokenomics here

token Split Explained: 1:10:
Explained Network Expansion and Enhancing Accessibility

Zebec is undergoing a significant transformation by consolidating multiple protocols and integrating our diverse blockchain-enabled payment and payroll products into a single interconnected network. This integration will substantially enhance our network's utility, extending its support beyond payment flows to also encompass data and physical infrastructure (DePin). This projected growth necessitates a reevaluation of our transaction fee structure to ensure efficiency and accessibility.

To address these changes, we have initiated a token split at 1 ZBC to 10 ZBCN ratio. Read more here.


Our DAO is governed by the $ZBC token, the Zebec Protocol’s utility and governance token.

Holders of $ZBC—members of Zebec DAO—can participate in determining the future of the protocol, vote on governance, administration and priorities, as well as earn rewards and enjoy discounted streaming payments services. $ZBC token is traded on multiple notable exchanges globally and has a history of being among top movers. See Treasury summary and current proposals in consideration with DAO.

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